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Diaphragm Seals

We offer a complete line of diaphragm seals for every application and are capable of making bottoms out of 21 different materials including 316 SST, 3 grades of Hastelloy, two types of Inconel, and many more. Our diaphragms are available in 18 different materials, including 316 SST, Hastelloy C, MONEL, TEFLON, and more.

By using the filters below you will quickly be guided to the diaphragm seal that covers your need and desired price range. You can easily compare the specifications of multiple diaphragm seals by using the Compare functionality that appears when you hover over the products below using your mouse.

We will be adding the diaphragm seals to our webstore shortly. For support on the right diaphragm seal for your gauge please contact us.

There are no products listed under this category.